60cm Aluminium Antenna Dish


I have obtained a supply of spun aluminium dishes, 590mm diameter, 119mm deep, 1.2mm thick (18swg). This is an f/d ratio of 0.31, and is virtually identical to the dish described in Oscar News issue No. 100, Amsat Journal, Amsat-DL Journal, and many others as A 60 cm S-Band Dish Antenna.

The dish makes an ideal receiver as being very deep, the low f/d ratio ensures negligible side-lobes with typical amateur feeds, and thus low noise pick-up.

The dish is supplied unpainted, and undrilled, but is degreased.

Complete antenna

Patch Feed

Mounting hardware


                        1 dish   2 dishes
          UK              £22      £40
          EU              £42      £62
         USA              £51      £76
      AUS/NZ              £59      £85
            Prices include packing and (air-mail) carriage

                        Methods of payment

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Last updated: 2008 Feb 26